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Designing Manufacturing & Advanced Materials

Designing Manufacturing & Advanced Materials

Designing And Manufacturing Technology And Advanced Materials Which Have Sustainability Globally.

What we Offer

We are intelligence in action.

Turning Waste Into Technologies

Building on partnerships with the governments of countries and city states through the adoption of our FlashPod technology and our manufactured Graphene.

To build the cities, financial centres and homes of the future which are smart designed to ensure zero emissions, advanced recycling and waste management practices.

Ground breaking wireless electricity and interest connectivity.

Project Gaia- FlashPod Manufacturing

The design, manufacturing, distribution and operation of graphene manufacturing factories called Gaia FlashPod.

FlashPod xtech (patent pending) systems, located on or close by to all major landfill sites in global locations.

Our FlashPod use cutting edge processes to convert biomass, plastics, rubbers or any carbon based waste product into graphene.

Project LillyPad & LeapBand BCi / Medbay Bio Electric Technologies

Brain-computer-interface (BCI) aids for disabled people. With Motor neurone or other disabling conditions. A tool to control actions & browse the web Technologies. Potential use for Health and fitness, entertainment, education. Intuitive sensory technologies can be also to detect issues, offer a some pre diagnosis stats through our software so owners can access their own health stats and feel armed and well prepared ahead of their doctors appointment. All data held on Leap or LillyPad devices would be encrypted.

Community & Technology

Profits have a human cost….

Socially responsible technology to safeguard the minds of adults & children who engage daily with technology for work or in their personal lives. Is it good or bad for us? Our mission to better the world & all its inhabitants

Ai governance, driving the conversation on how we code! Implications or effects of tech on topics such as bullying, mental health, equality, better opportunities for people with disabilities & autism.

About Us

Transforming waste into technologies

LEAP technology products, all designed to link to our LEAP app software which enables users to control these devices with their facial expressions, bodily gestures and motor nervous system, essentially hands free technology. LeapPod, non intrusive second skin tab which is triggered by body movement from a particular part of the body which send a signal to our software. LeapBand, a second skin band with embedded led screen and functionality. Ability to assess moods, fitness data and sync with our software for direct control of devices.

Graphene Manufacturing

Disposal - Units ♻️

Collection - local & national

Processing - recycling

Manufatcuring - Centres

New material - zero waste!

Global Distribution - Graphene

Sectors Technologies & Opportunities

Graphene bases applications and technologies

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Our Value

The power of applied intelligence.


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The Team

Dedicated to building a better world. Working on a brighter future for everyone.
Feisal Adams

Feisal Adams

Inventor - Chief Innovation Officer